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Paul-Gerhardt-Schulen Freising - Endlich wieder Ausflüge: Our trip to Tierpark Hellabrunn

Endlich wieder Ausflüge: Our trip to Tierpark Hellabrunn

Geschrieben von IS

Am Freitag (23.07.2021) unternahmen die Klassen 5a und 5b gemeinsam mit ihren Klassenleiterinnen Fr. Stoeckle und Frau Steinborn den letzten Wandertag im Schuljahr 2020/2021. Unser Ziel: Tierpark Hellabrunn. Im Anschluss schrieben die Schüler*innen Berichte und durften ihre gewonnenen Eindrücke künstlerisch in Zeichnungen verarbeiten. Aber so einfach war es nicht. Die Berichte sollten in englischer Sprache (reports) verfasst werden:

"Last Friday we visited Tierpark Hellabrunn. We went there by train and underground. We watched animals there and had a lot of fun at the playground. We also visited the restaurant. We walked in groups of three to five classmates and discovered the zoo. I really liked the zoo in Hellabrunn because the animals were so cool. I think the whole zoo is fantastic because it is huge. We met our teachers Mrs Steinborn and Mrs Stoeckle and the rest of class 5a and 5b at eleven o´clock near the polar bears. At 1 p.m. we went to the train and arrived at 2 p.m. in Freising. We had a lot of fun, it was a very nice day!" (Arda K.)

"On Friday (July 23rd, 2021) we went to a zoo. We took the train at 7:54. We arrived at the zoo at 9:30. I couldn´t wait to see the snakes and flamingos! We also saw monkeys, penguins, lions, seals, polar bears, frogs, camels, elephants and many more. We got lost once and called our teachers for help. Then I ran to the flamingos and snakes, they were so cute!!! After that I went to the zoo shop and bought my mother a gift: a parrot key tag. She really loves parrots! Then we walked around for a while. After that I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep on the floor. At 1 o´clock we went back by train. At 2 o´clock we were at the station in Freising. It was really fun!" (Zehra K.)

"We met at 7:45 and went to the Tierpark Hellabrunn. Then we talked about when we have to meet here again. First we went to the petting zoo. Then we went to the elephants, penguins, tigers, kangaroos, rabbits, monkeys, gorillas and polar bears. Then we went to the playground. That was a lot of fun! But then I lost my cap – and I also nearly left my mobile phone in the train. But we had a lot of fun. Then we went back to Freising." (Kilian S.)

"Last Friday we (class 5a and 5b) had to meet at 7:45 at the station in Freising. Then we went to the train and drove like 45 minutes. After that, we had to go to the underground. Then we went to the zoo over a bridge on foot. We waited 15 minutes and then we finally were inside Tierpark Hellabrunn. First of all Mrs Stoeckle and Mrs Steinborn told us the rules. After that we were allowed to explore the zoo in small groups. We had to meet at 11 o´clock near the ice bears. I think the penguins were very funny and we also got free ice cream! There was nothing I didn´t like about our trip. Zehra and I saw a baby guenon. It was so cute! At 12:40 we had to leave. We had to go to the underground and drove about 15 minutes. Then we went to the train. After we arrived my mom picked me up and we went to the pool. I had a really cool day!" (Amelia M.)

Geschrieben von Iris Steinborn (Klassleitung 5b); Arda K., Amelia M., Kilian S., Amelia M. (Schüler*innen Jgst. 5)